Upper Inner Arm Lift Surgery in South Florida

Our South Florida board-certified plastic surgeon removes excess skin and performs other cosmetic surgeries to improve the contours of patients’ upper arms. Medically known as brachioplasty, these surgical procedures can tighten skin, remove excess fat, and help arms look more toned.

Upper inner arm lift surgery in South Florida is just one of our services performed to meet patients’ needs at every point in life. Our treatment plans complement your weight loss and healthy lifestyle, helping you reach your aesthetic goals. Call (561) 499-0660 to make your appointment with Palm Beach Dermatology Group.



How Does Upper Inner
Arm Lift Surgery Work?

When nonsurgical treatment does not help you get the toned, youthful appearance you want, you might consider an arm lift to improve the physical appearance of your upper inner arms. During this procedure, our skilled plastic surgeon can alter the contour of your upper arm.

Our surgeon uses several surgical techniques to help patients meet their cosmetic goals. Generally, there are three procedures you might receive based on your goals and circumstances:



  • Liposuction: When patients have excellent skin elasticity but are unhappy with the amount of fat on their upper inner arm, liposuction removes excess fat volume.
  • Mini-brachioplasty: When people are at or just above their healthy weight, they often have a small amount of excess fat in addition to lax skin in this area. This is most common in women as they reach middle age. This procedure includes liposuction as well as a removal of a small amount of skin.
  • Traditional brachioplasty: This extensive surgery is most common in those with massive weight loss. When they reach an ideal body weight, they often have excessive, lax skin. Removing the skin improves the look of the arm, aids ease of movement, and reduces chafing. This procedure requires the longest surgical time and has an extended recovery, including wearing special compression garments and limiting strenuous activities for several weeks.



Who Gets Upper
Arm Lift Surgery?

Patients of all ages and both genders get upper arm lift surgery. They often come from one of two groups:

  • Those who have lost a lot of weight from dieting, physical activity, or bariatric surgery
  • Those who do not like the appearance of their inner arms because of the effects of aging or lifestyle changes


What Symptoms Will
Upper Inner Arm Lift
Surgery Address?

When patients come to Palm Beach Dermatology Group for upper inner arm lift surgery, they generally have concerns they hope to address with the procedure. For many, it is a purely cosmetic procedure. They do not like how their upper arms look and are tired of hiding behind long sleeves during the hot summers. They want to wear fashionable clothes and feel confident in them. Others have discomfort related to their excess skin and request this procedure to stop it. Arm lift surgery can help to:

  • Remove excess fat: An arm lift can remove pockets of fat to produce a natural-looking result.
  • Improve appearance: Arm lift procedures help make muscle tone more obvious by removing excess fat and skin.
  • Tighten loose skin: Many people dislike the look of loose, aging, crepe-like skin on their upper arms. Tightening this skin greatly improves the cosmetics of the arm.
  • Ease movement and reduce chafing: Those with excess skin often struggle with discomfort during strenuous activities, including bouncing, rubbing, and chafing. An arm lift can greatly reduce this concern.

Find out more about arm lift surgery when you call (561) 499-0660.


Why Choose Palm Beach Dermatology Group for Your Arm Lift?

At Palm Beach Dermatology Group, our plastic surgeon uses the latest techniques to offer a variety of options for both medical and cosmetic procedures.

Our entire team works to ensure every patient feels at home from the first time they walk into our office. We are a family and treat our patients like part of our family, too. This includes ensuring our office is accessible for all patients, such as having wide doorways and a comfortable waiting area for patients of all abilities.


Commonly Asked Questions About Upper Arm Lift Surgery

Can I Get an Upper Inner Arm Lift at the Same Time as Other Plastic Surgery?

In many cases, our plastic surgeon performs an upper inner arm lift at the same time as other procedures. This could include a thigh lift, abdominoplasty, or a breast lift. You can discuss this possibility with our team during your initial consultation. It could depend on your overall health, medical history, and other factors, whether this is possible in your case.

How Quickly Can I Schedule My Initial Consultation?

Our team is currently scheduling in-office consultations with our doctors. You can make an appointment today. We pride ourselves on respecting our patients, including their time. Once your appointment date arrives, you will not wait long to see a doctor, and you should expect to leave the appointment with answers to your most pressing questions.

I Am Not Ready to Make an Appointment. Can I Contact Your Office With Questions?

We understand that it often takes time to weigh your options and determine if you are ready to undergo cosmetic surgery. This is especially true for a procedure like a traditional brachioplasty that could prevent you from working for several weeks.

You can call us to speak with a team member about our services and to get general information about our practice. We recommend scheduling an initial consultation with our doctor to learn more about your options based on your specific needs.


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Palm Beach Dermatology Group provides a wide range of plastic surgeries, including procedures to address many parts of the body, face, and breasts. We perform procedures such as arm lifts regularly and have helped many patients regain confidence and ease of movement.

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