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The dry, itchy skin that often comes with a rash can make it difficult for you to perform everyday tasks. Not to mention you may feel uncomfortable, and visible rashes may lead to feelings of self-consciousness. Palm Beach Dermatology Group has been helping patients for over 40 years, and we provide effective rash treatments in Delray Beach.

When you come to our office, we will treat you like family. Our doctors stay updated on the most recent skincare techniques, and we offer the latest pharmaceuticals to help your skin feel healthy.

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What You Can Expect When You Visit Us for Your Rash Treatment in Delray Beach

When you schedule your appointment with one of our high-credentialed doctors, you can expect our team to prioritize your comfort. We offer:

  • Short wait times so that you can get back to your usual routine
  • Speedy follow-up regarding your test results
  • A comfortable and accessible waiting area
  • A variety of treatment options for your rash

We may also ask you a few questions that you should be prepared to answer. Typically, we ask rash patients to provide information about the following:

  • Their medical history
  • The medical history of certain family members, as it helps us determine if their condition may be genetic
  • Any allergies they’re aware of
  • How long they’ve had the rash
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  • If they came in contact with or consumed anything out of the ordinary that may have triggered the rash
  • Whether they have any other symptoms besides the rash
  • Which body parts are affected

When you notice the rash beginning, you may want to take photos of it to show your doctor. They may help us understand how it is progressing. The more information we know, the more accurately we can diagnose and treat you.

Causes and Symptoms
Causes and Symptoms of Rashes
Several conditions, such as eczema, psoriasis, bacteria, and can trigger a rash. Allergens can too. Although each patient is different, you may decide to seek rash treatment when you notice the following:
Dry, itchy skin
Patches of red, swollen skin
Skin that stings or burns
A fever
Bumpy skin, like hives
Flaking or scaling
Fast-spreading rash symptoms
A full-body rash
Rashes are common and may not indicate a more significant health problem. However, you may want to have our doctor assess your rash so they can recommend treatment options.
Types of Rashes We Treat in Delray Beach


The doctors at Palm Beach Dermatology Group have experience treating several types of rashes, including:

  • Contact dermatitis: This is the type of rash you may experience when you come in contact with something you’re allergic to. For example, you might break out in a rash if you have sensitivities to certain soaps, perfumes, and laundry detergents.
  • Hives: Similar to contact dermatitis, allergens cause hives. However, hives are typically a reaction to airborne allergens rather than those you come in contact with.



  • Eczema: Most people who have eczema are born with the condition. It is a chronic skin condition that can cause rash flare-ups.
  • Psoriasis: Rashes caused by psoriasis can cause thick, scaly skin. Psoriasis is an autoimmune skin condition.
  • Viral or bacterial: Viral infections like chickenpox or measles and bacterial infections like strep throat could cause you to break out in a rash.
How We Diagnose Rashes


Our doctors can perform a few different tests to diagnose your rash. Once we understand what caused it, we can provide options for treatment. We could diagnose your rash with tests such as:

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  • Allergy tests: We may patch test or scratch test your skin to determine what you’re allergic to. It can help us narrow down what allergens may have caused your skin to break out in a rash.
  • Biopsy: Your doctor will take a small sample of your skin and test it for viral or bacterial infection.
  • Blood tests: We might decide to draw blood to test whether the antibodies in your system triggered the rash.

Treatment Options
Rash Treatment Options Our
Delray Beach Doctors May


After we have determined the cause of your rash, we might suggest you try treating it with the following:


  • Allergy medications such as oral antihistamines
  • Hydrocortisone anti-inflammatory creams to help with itching
  • Immunosuppressant medications
  • Topical steroid creams
  • Tacrolimus ointment

Depending on your condition’s severity, it could take a few days to several weeks for the rash to go away. Recurring rashes, such as those caused by eczema or psoriasis, may need ongoing care.


Ways to Prevent a Rash

While sometimes rashes are unavoidable, you may be able to prevent one by:

  • Getting allergy tested so you know what causes rashes
  • Staying away from products or foods you know you’re allergic to
  • Keeping a safe distance from anyone who has a rash-causing infection like strep throat or chickenpox
  • Using unscented soaps, moisturizers, and skincare products
When a Rash Might Be Serious

While rashes are generally not a sign of a serious problem, you may want to be cautious if other symptoms accompany your rash. For example, some allergies can trigger a rash and anaphylaxis, which causes your airways to close.

In some cases, rashes can become infected, which may lead to more serious skin conditions. Broken skin can cause germs to spread, and you could develop a skin infection. It’s important not to ignore any changes in your skin.




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Work With Our Doctors for Rash Treatment in Delray Beach

When you experience the discomfort of a rash, reach out to the team at Palm Beach Dermatology Group. We know how to determine the cause of your rash, and we can offer rash treatment in Delray Beach to help you feel healthy.

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